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Our After Care Program

Hope Rising, a Licensed Child Placement Agency

  • Our license allows us to license and equip specialized care foster family homes.
  • We can place children from birth to 17 in the homes we own or the private foster homes we license.


Traditional Foster Care Homes 

Typically any age or gender at abasic or moderate level of care

Individuals who meet the requirements and complete the training to become a foster parent can care for any child, teen or sibling group in state custody for an undetermined amount of time. Foster parents provide care and support for children until a permanent plan is implemented. They should be committed to working in partnership with birth family members and child welfare professionals, as well as completing ongoing training requirements.


Admission Criteria for Our Specialized Care Homes

These homes are able to take specialized level children

• Each referred child should be confirmed commercially sexually exploited or trafficked – commercial sexual exploitation is defined by means of force, fraud or coercion, the individual was used in order to create a profit for another.

• These homes can also take children that are suspected of being trafficked or at a high risk of becoming trafficked

• We will not accept referrals for children who have certain psychiatric diagnosis that would cause them to be a danger to care-givers or other residents.


Referrals for the Hope Rising Equine Therapy Program

• We are accepting referrals from the YES Waiver program for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning.

• We also take private pay for individuals who have suffered complex trauma. This includes all ages and all genders.

• We also have a corporate team building program for Equine Assisted Learning for team building and personal development

• We also provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning for Vets who suffer from PTSD

  • For more information, please visit the Equine Therapy page.
  • To make an appointment, please call 832-779-2190 or contact us at


Program Goals

•The goal of our program is to provide a home style safe and peaceful environment for survivors of human sex trafficking, sexual exploitation or trauma to recover using therapy techniques/methods that are proven to work. These therapies are relational and experiential.

•Each client will receive individualized services according to their goals for recovery and healing. Our goal for each client is to create stability so that the client is equipped for a life with healthy relationships, life skills and spiritual health.

• We seek to help a client ease out of “survival mode” behaviors and attitudes into a stable mode, where they become aware of self instead of dissociating or using drugs and alcohol to cope. The next phase is emotion regulation and new healthy coping skills and finally, relearning healthy interpersonal skills in preparation for independence.


Other Services

Trauma-informed Art Therapy; Life Skills; Charter School Education; Character Building; Family Focused Therapy; Health & Wellness


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