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From the Classroom to the Boardroom, Kimberly Davis joins Hope Rising as Director of New Business Development

Director of New Business Development, Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis serves as the Director of New Business Development for Hope Rising. Her extensive experience working with nonprofits, leading capital fundraising campaigns, as well and organizing volunteer committees makes Kimberly a valuable asset to the Hope Rising organization.

As a former public educator, Kimberly saw first hand the level of impoverishment and neglect which ran rampant in families from a wide economic and socio-demographic. Determined to utilize her talents in administration and team building, Kimberly pivoted from the classroom to the boardroom and now uses her talents to bridge the gap between corporations and nonprofits. 

“As I looked around the faces of all the precious kids, I could only guess at how desperate some of their home lives must have been. We often hear about the importance of school lunches and snacks, but what we don’t hear about is the abuse that takes place in so many of these homes.”

“Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I had children who were no doubt sexually abused within the walls of their homes, and at the hands of their family members. I knew I was called to cheer and campaign for those who needed my passion and my voice.”

“I have worked in nonprofits for many years now, but the work of Hope Rising is special. It’s hard. It’s harder than any work I’ve ever done. When I sit and listen to the stories of our survivors, my stomach aches. It’s as bad as you can ever imagine. But that is where I know I am needed.”

“I am needed to share these stories and educate the public, and raise awareness of the issue of sex trafficking in middle America. I am passionate about the long-term rehabilitation programs provided through Hope Rising. I see their work, I see the results and I am passionate about helping to build strategic partnerships to bring complete restoration to the lives broken by the autrocity of sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitation.” 

Kimberly serves as lead development for events, strategic campaigns, and nurturing important relationships on behalf of Hope Rising. Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University.

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