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Outreach is done in every area where victims or potential victims may exist, such as; strip clubs, prostitution tracks, massage parlors and the like. We lovingly provide “hope bags” to those that are suspected to be victims who may want to be rescued. Within the bags there are gifts as well as contact information for help, counseling or rescue. Our focus is to demonstrate the love of Christ without prejudice.

  • To volunteer to do outreach, please research our VOLUNTEER page.
  • To donate items for the Hope Bags, please send us an email through our CONTACT page.
  • To view a list of our ongoing needs Visit our NEEDS page.

Hope Rising Outreach Team


A victim/survivor can contact us any time and depending on the level of help they need, we will facilitate getting them that help, whether it be a safe house, counseling, drug or alcohol addiction therapy, legal assistance, or aftercare at our facility in the form of Equine Therapy, Arts Aftercare Therapy and Faith-based Character Building Discipleship.

Rescue Houston Hot Line: (713)322-8000

Hope Line Services Referral Number: (805)620-7407

National Human Trafficking Resource Center:  1.888.3737.888

Our AfterCare Program

Our license allows us to license and equip specialized care foster family homes. We can place children from birth to 17 in the homes we own or the private foster homes we license.

Hands That Heal

For those who want to be equipped to work with survivors of human sex trafficking: Foster Parents, Respite Care Givers, Volunteers, Therapists, Equine Specialists, Prevention Specialists, Missions, Mentors and Teachers

Equine Therapy

Victims of abuse and neglect have lost (or never developed) their sense of trust or personal empowerment. As the girls are introduced to their horses, they must confront their trust issue immediately. Over the process of time, they become empowered through that relationship. 

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are vital to our ministry. You can fight sex trafficking in your own community. 

Eradicating Trafficking

Support us in our hope to eradicate Trafficking. Find out how to donate and help us in this fight. 

Sponsor a Horse

The average horse costs $250 a month when you consider all that goes into proper care. Please consider helping us keep our horses happy and healthy as they continue to help our kids heal.  

Become a Volunteer and join us!

Have a look at the volunteer opportunities we have and join us in the fight to eradicate trafficking. 

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